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Virtual Project Brokering

Sound, Profitable, Ambitious Projects in search for Investor, Buyer or Partner.

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Virtual Project Brokering

Only a low percent of companies in fields other than IT know how to use the Internet to find partners, investors or buyers.

Individuals with valuable assets (property, antiques, invention patents, even valuable ideas) are in an even worse situation. 

Here is where we can help. We are business brokers with extensive knowledge of Internet communication and marketing. Both brick (conventional) and click (virtual) businesses can profit from our powerful e-marketing. 

In our pages you will see several kinds of business opportunities, in completely different fields.  They are diverse, but they have in common the need for a contact between the entrepreneur and the sponsor.

All projects are sound, legal and with a very high potential.

Projects can receive Donations thru PayPal, Credit Card or Wire Transfer

Projects can have its own Blog to receive comments from viewers, such as Termite Farm Blog

Projects can have a Web Site developed, such as

See some of our Brokered Projects

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Our Advantages

  1. Conventional or Virtual Business Brokering by Virtual Means
  2. Virtual Business creation, management, promotion, development.
  3. e-Marketing, e-Commerce
  4. Implementation and Development of Interactive Database-drive websites.

Virtual Incubation Method

  • Project is submitted to us
  • We analyze its originality, technical basis, economic potential, financial issues
  • We approve the project and post it in our website network. We can create a dedicated page, a Forum, a whole Website, and special web designing and programming. Published pages or websites can get full web promotion campaigns for proper exposure.
  • The owner establishes how much he/she wants for selling the project in complete or partial way
  • Different investment steps are defined, including a company valuation after each one and the reward for the investor/buyer in each step
  • Virtual shares are offered in the main website and eBay after each step, in order to establish a market value and obtain investors. The public can acquire shares for any value over U$D 25, but scheduled actions on the project are taken when the pre-established amount is reached.
  • Honorary shares with only symbolic value are given to those who make a donation (from $5) thru PayPal or other method. In the Project Page we will publish a sign like this: 
    This project was supported from the very beginning  by: 
    • John Doe (August 20 - 2005)
  • The company is incorporated in a conventional way.

See a model of virtual shares (Bendable Trees Project, OwnInk Project) for launching new projects in an investor network.

See an article about Experimenter Meeting Point describing a proposed method for online collaborative projects.

See some of our Brokered Projects

Disclaimer This business, website and project are not protected by any law concerning securities, shares, investment or related commercial transactions. We are not located in a country with very restrictive legislation for the stock markets. If there is some, I confess my ignorance about them.  This is a limited activity only oriented to get funding for a short number of projects in which I (the website owner) am personally involved. It is not a global virtual market exchange.  I am making no promises about profitability to investors. These projects have a risk. I try to evaluate and diminish the losing risk as much as I can, but some projects, as you can guess, are long shots. We do not offer any written contract to any entrepreneur at this point. We only accept payment for web promotion services. 

See some of our Brokered Projects

Submit your Project by Email.- Posting fees are $19 per year. 

Our tools:

Online Expert Systems - Web promotion Software - Scripts - Domains - Custom programming - More

To learn more about buying/selling a business contact us by Email-form. If needed you will get our phones, address and videoconferencing contact data

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