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Project: OwnInk
Proposed Compensation Plan for investors or partners
Step Input (non monetary) Input
Goal Sold to User name in our Forum area Date Compensation Total Project Valuation
1 Idea. Domains. Business Plan . Website. 300 Start up Sergio Samoilovich, Ph.D. (project starter) Sergio July, 2005 65% of company 20,000
2 Consultancy in inks, patents 1500 Start experimental part. Luis Galano   October 2004 25% of company 60,000
3 Legal consultancy 1500 Patentability Research OPEN     4% of company 65,000
4 Web promotion campaign 3000 Get more investors OPEN     8% of company 85.000
5   25,000 Incorporation of company in USA. Patent and brand protection. Start production. OPEN     15% of company or a 15,000,000 inhabitants territory 100,000
-   50,000 Step 4, plus stronger product development OPEN     30% of company or 120,000,000 inhabitants territory 200,000
-   200,000 Full launching. Financial Planning. OPEN     40% of company or 600,000,000 inh.territory 900,000
-   1,000,000 Worldwide Commercial development OPEN     50% of company or worldwide English speaking territory 40,000,000
-       OPEN        

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