two people shaking a bendable, hinged tree

Shakeable Fruit Trees

Patent for sale

Trunk restriction device for easy tree shaking


A simple system to collect fruit from trees

Patent Protection: INPI exp. 20120101616 - Ministry of Industry - Argentina - May 2012 (pending)

trunk press
trunk press - fruit tree
Front view: before treatment, before fruit collection, collection
Lateral view
press trunk
Top view (trunk section)
Diagonal ( top, frontal, lateral) view

The device is seen from the front, side, upwards and diagonal views. The first column is the young tree, the second column represents the trunk after a few years of restricted growth, and the third column shows the loosen device allowing the trunk to bend along the narrowed portion.

dimensions of tree press
narrowing thick
In the technical documentation, the dimensions are referred as shown in the diagram above: H, W, MinT, MaxT.
In the section along the narrowing, the Maximal Thickness of the Narrowing is marked (NMaxT).


tree press
2 bolt minimal
Above we show the vertices of the press parts/components, referring to the sides and surfaces measured in the available documentation.

2 bolt, minimal size press


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