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Although the proposed press may help shape the trees' trunks, the major problem with fruit harvesting for the fresh market is that shaking results in fruit bruises and damage (during swinging and falling).
Therefore, a device that trains the tree to a different shape for the purpose of shaking would not solve the problem.
Furthermore, there are various training systems that do not involve a press, which result in "fruit-wall" type of orchards; however, the growers are not keen on adopting them for various - mainly cost-related - reasons.
Are you aware of the above issues?

Stavros G. Vougiouks - Assistant Professor Biological and Agricultural Engineering University of California, Davis
I answer I thought in using an inflatable cushion to receive the ripe fruit. And that nuts and citrics do not pose a problem. And that my system is cheaper and better than fruit-walls (scaffolding for training trees).
We  have tried trunk shakers here in the past and the industry has gone away from them. too many issues with bark damage on the valencias (orange variety)
Carson Fuch President of Mutual Harvesting CO
My system does not damage trees at all.
Thanks for the note. That does sound like it could be a good approach to enabling more economic shaking. It is different from our approach, though, in that our approach does not use shaking, but rather finds the oranges and removes them with a different method. For a problem of this size, it is good to have many people looking and thinking about it. Your approach sure seems like it could help. James British - Energid Technologies
I answered that both methods could have a place in the market, I am sure that some fruits are better for one or the other method.
Do you have any data on efficiency and effects on the tree growth and yield? Louise Fergusson - PhD - Extension Specialist
I described one experiment I did with 3 palm trees, one with press. The 3 grew the same in one year. Of course, this is only a first step, I need larger numbers.
I am glad to publish your link in our site David Marteen Brighter Technologies, Inc.
It has been posted. Here is the link:

Hello Dr. Samoilovich, I’m sorry but I’m not qualified to help with such a project, although it would be interesting to know the shaking frequency results between the non-deformed and deformed trees and of course the environmental factors, such as excessive winds during hurricane and tornado seasons. Good luck with your project endeavors,

Balentine, Amanda
I answered her asking collaboration to define the dimension of a press that would allow moderate bending of a tree upon heavy wind.

I visited your page. I have no knowledge of anyone trying to do this. I few comments:
1) Normally it is not too healthy for trees to strangle the sap pathway, it can decrease growth, but it needs to be measured in several species, and possibly the effoct is not excessively negative.
2) Getting an almost rectangular section rather than cylindric, allows a greater contact area for the rubber vibrator blocks, which improves grap. although properly adjusted machines currently provide good results. I agree to your proposal of testing different trees. I encourage to proceed with this research, because anything that improves our collection process is positive.

Antonio Toregrosa, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
It is important that he does not know any previous attempt of this sort. I suggested to collaborate, but he is too busy now for a long term project such as this one...
What would happen if I want to shake a lemon tree before the lemons are fully ripe? Vivek Kanna - India - Master in Industrial Management 10/1/2012 I would use the same criteria as if using a mechanical shaker on unmodified trees. Many believe that citrus need not be harvested before maturity. Others use chemicals to break them down (produce dehiscence or abscission). I said that you can shake the modified tree more intensely, without risk of breakage, and the fruit will fall even if slightly green.
An olive needs at least 20 years for full production. Are you going to wait that long to complete the project? Prof. of Agronomy M. Sasutte 9/1/2012 We will run many experiments in parallel. The earliest results will be ready in 90 days.
The trees will break on the first strom Many agronomists 1/1/2011 This will be a complex issue and we will focus most of our research on it. We can make the trees more flexible or more rigid than the original ones, depending on how strong is the press. In both cases there will be no breakage.

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